Japanese Students Create A Thunderous Beat With Wonderful Precision

This is Senzoku Gakuen, a group of Japanese college students who have serious talent, stamina, and timing. The performance was videoed at Senzoku Gakuen Maeda Hall and features the college’s percussion music students in a production called “Percussion Ensemble 36th Subscription Concert”. In the video below you can watch one of the most intricate percussion performances, you might ever see.

Senzoku Gakuen College

Percussion is a fine musical art to master, often relying on pin-point reactions and masterful technique. Percussion Instruments have been a source of music since early recorded history, with tribes often using the skins of animals to make drum skins to play at ceremonial events, as well as a means of entertainment.

This is perfectly displayed by a performance from a group of students from the renowned Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Japan. The students perform a rendition of Eitetsu Hayashi’s “Fertility of the Sea,” usually a solo piece performed by Hayashi in the style of Taiko.

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