14 Japanese Percussionists Create A Thunderous Beat With Magnificent Choreography

Senzoku Gakuen College

Percussion is a fine musical art to master, often relying on pin-point reactions and masterful technique. Percussion Instruments have been a source of music since early recorded history, with tribes often using the skins of animals to make drum skins to play at ceremonial events, as well as a means of entertainment.

This is perfectly displayed by a performance from a group of students from the renowned Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Japan. The students perform a rendition of Eitetsu Hayashi’s “Fertility of the Sea,” usually a solo piece performed by Hayashi in the style of Taiko.

Taiko is the use of a broad range of Japanese percussion instruments. These are usually a collection of drums called Wadaiko, which have been roughly dated back as far as the 6th century. A collaboration of musicians playing these instruments is referred to as a Kumi-Daiko and is used throughout the world.

Senzoku Gakuen College Wadaiko

In this performance the students give an awe-inspiring performance, using a magnificent choreography set to liven up the performance. The students are dressed in traditional Japanese garb and perform barefoot.

The piece is an undulating, rolling piece, with the performers using long wooden sticks to beat in perfect sync. The performer’s choreography reflects the ocean themes piece as their bodies ebb and flow, giving a visual feast for the eyes.

This performance amongst others is a perfect representation of the traditional Japanese style of drumming, most certainly a performance worth watching.

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