Duo Alansia Showcase The Power Of The Human Body

Sublime Arial Acrobatics From Ukrainian

Duo Alansia are an astounding Ukrainian performance duo who specialise in aerial acrobatics and strength performances. The pair have been performing with each other for a great deal of time and it’s clear to see that their chemistry is the stuff of legend.

The handsome pairing brings their spectators a show of truly impressive skill and performance based around their acrobatic skills.

Their video, shot in March 2020 showcased one of their beautiful performances alongside the UDM circus group based out of Izhevsk. The pairing showcases their “statues” performance which shows the pair dressed in minimalist attire and perform feats of stunning human acrobatics.

Their dedication to their craft is evident as the two of them are in top physical condition. The muscular build of both performers is a testament to their dedication to their craft.

Backed by a building soundtrack, the two perform their acrobatics with ease. The larger male in the two lifting the lighter female up and over his head, often with one arm with complete ease, his large frame making the performance look effortless.

The female in the duo performs with unbridled grace and elegance, the arch in her back and toe points showcasing a potential history of performing as a member of a ballet troupe.

The two performers clearly work well together and have a dynamic which has been formed in the battlegrounds of the performing arts industry.

In their video, they perform single arm lifts as well as bodyweight balance acts which are truly amazing in their complexity. The deadpan expressions give the effect of the statues they are trying to emulate, and their slow, purposeful movements are strong and driven. At one stage in the performance, the considerably smaller female performer holds the bodyweight of her larger male counterpart, showing off her impressive strength and conditioning.

The crowd is clearly enraptured by the pair, who seem unphased by the adoring crowd, faces set in an expression of concentration and focus as they work through their jaw dropping performance.

The pair have performed all over the world and are available for hire, not a bad performance to have at an upcoming show near you! If you want to see more performances from the duo, check out their YouTube channel or follow them on Instagram.

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