Barbershop Quartet Perform A Seriously Funny “Pop Songs Medley”

If you need to laugh today, check out this fabulous and hilarious pop medley by the barbershop quartet Main Street. One of the most wonderful things about music is the fact that it is constantly changing.

Today’s new wave will be playing on the classic channels in just a couple of decades. That’s the concept that this legendary barbershop quartet brought to life in one exceptional performance.

Main Street’s fame is due in part to their fantastic singing and harmonising talents and in part to the fact that they clearly love what they do. If you watch any of their performances, you’ll realise in the first two minutes that they’re having a ball. This infectious atmosphere and the humour they inject into each song makes for a wonderful performance.

In this awesome video, they begin with a quick overview of what they’re doing, showing today’s songs as they will be in 20 years, as good old classics. That’s when they kicked off with Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears, complete with a dance routine.

The show then progressed, covering Bye Bye Bye from N’Sync with some glorious arpeggios, So What by Pink and a fully acted out Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. They injected so much humour into their routine that you can’t help but laugh and marvel at their incredible talent at the same time.

The video moves on to the foursome singing “20 years from…” but rather than completing the sentence, they swung into Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Following that, they flowed effortlessly into Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5, All About that Bass by the very quirky Meghan Trainor, and even broke into Korean by doing Gangnam Style by PSY. Their final song, for a glorious finale, was the epic Michael Jackson hit Thriller. Tom added the perfect accent to the performance with Jackson’s classic crotch grab for the high note.

With such an incredibly well-put-together show, it’s no wonder that Main Street are famous worldwide and that this particular video has already been watched 6.5 million times. If you need to smile or just want a chance for a good boogie, take a look at it now.

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