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Drums & Percussion

Talent that can hold a beat, playing everything from a classic drum kit to a set of bins.

Funman Musicoloco Stick Juggling Drummer From Spain

Funman Musicoloco is a street performer from Spain. Often seen busking around the city center of Zaragoza, the capital of northeastern Spain's Aragon region....

Leo Twins Multi-Talented Multi-Instrumentalists

The Leo Twins are two musicians from Pakistan called Haroon and Sharoon Leo. They were born on July 27th, 1993 and started their musical...

Clanadonia – The Pride Of Scotland

Clanadonia. A band like no other The Music Man has ever seen! Clanadonia is a Drums & Pipes band with a big, big difference....

Louisville Leopard Percussionists A Group Of Talented Young Musicians

A group of 60 children between the ages of seven to fifteen from the Louisville Metro area, USA perform all sorts of different music...

Mezerg Creates A Watermelon Piano And It Sounds Brilliant

The creator of PianoBoomBoom, Mezerg has many musical skills from Piano to the Theremin which he uses brilliantly to produce great 4/4 dancefloor beats. Using...

‘Awesome Street Drummer’ – Exceptional Beat Without Any Drums!

This young man is SOMETHING ELSE! Just think what he could do with a real set of drums. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Captured on the STREETS...

‘Gordo Drummer’ – A Young Australian Street Drumming Sensation!

This talented young man 'Gordo Drummer' really is a brilliant street drummer who plays buckets, recyclables etc. He studied/practiced his superb drumming skills in Japan. One...

”The Trouble Notes’ – Wonderful Gypsy Music & Much More!

The Trouble Notes consist of four superb musicians who together make a great team. Bennet Cerven (violin), Florian Eisenshmidt (guitarist) and Oliver Maguire (percussion)...