Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy Take AGT By Storm

“America’s Got Talent” season 18 continued with auditions, and during “Auditions 3,” an eight-year-old named Chioma and his group, The Atlanta Drum Academy, stole the show.

Chioma’s dream was to receive the coveted Golden Buzzer, and after their group drumming act moved Terry Crews, he made that dream a reality. Terry hit the Golden Buzzer, sending Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy straight to the live shows.

Chioma’s passion for drumming began at the age of one when he received a drum from his grandma. He joined the Atlanta Drum Academy, a youth percussion ensemble founded by James Riles, III. The academy aims to provide a safe space for drummers of all ages to learn and play. Chioma, the youngest performer in the snare set, aspires to become the best drummer in the world.

The energetic performance by Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy impressed the judges. Howie Mandel called them “fun and energetic,” while Heidi Klum described them as “amazing.” Sofia Vergara believed they had a great chance of winning the competition. Simon Cowell, a huge fan, declared their audition as one of his favorites of the year.

Just before the judges could vote, Terry Crews intervened. Having learned that Chioma dreamt of receiving the Golden Buzzer, Terry surprised the young drummer. He announced that there was no need to vote and proclaimed, “I am honored to make that dream come true!” Terry jumped up and hit the Golden Buzzer, securing Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy’s spot in the live shows.

As the latest Golden Buzzer act of the season, Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy joined Simon’s choice, Putri Ariani, and the audience choice, Mzansi Youth Choir, in advancing straight to the live shows starting on August 22.

Chioma’s passion for drumming resonates with the universal appeal of percussion. Drums have been a part of cultures worldwide, with the beat ingrained in us since before birth. The Atlanta Drum Academy embodies this idea by encouraging young children to start drumming early, providing them with a space to learn and grow.

Chioma’s infectious enthusiasm captured the audience’s hearts as he led the Atlanta Drum Academy’s performance. The judges were in awe of the group’s talent, applauding their energy and skill. Howie Mandel praised their act, and Heidi Klum admired their dedication outside of school. Sofia Vergara saw their potential to win the competition, while Simon Cowell declared it one of his favorite auditions.

Chioma’s dream came true thanks to Terry Crews hitting the Golden Buzzer. With their place in the live shows secured, Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy have a chance to showcase their extraordinary talent on a larger stage.

The story of Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy exemplifies the power of dreams, dedication, and the universal language of music. Their journey on “America’s Got Talent” is an inspiration to aspiring musicians and a testament to the transformative impact of following one’s passion.

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