Charlie Puth Makes Epic Beat With Mug And Spoon On The Tonight Show

Pop phenomenon Charlie Puth definitively proved it’s the talent not the gear on The Tonight Show by making an epic beat on the spot with just a mug and the spoon, wowing the audience. Puth put together a lithe tropical beat in 60 seconds using just the items on host Jimmy Fallon’s desk. Music fans loved it and the clip, which you can watch below, has been viewed 8.2 million times.

The section came about as Puth explained that he likes to show on his Tik Tok how any objects “in this world” can be used to make music. Fallon then asked him for a demonstration on the spot, and Puth started working with a mug and spoon on Fallon’s desk.

Puth said he could make a whole song from the two items, to which Fallon called his bluff by pulling out a laptop, mic and a MIDI keyboard. Puth then sampled a tap on the mug with the spoon using the microphone, then used the keyboard to manipulate the pitch of the tap. After being pitched down, the mug started sounding strikingly similar to some Caribbean percussion, and Puth went to work.

Displaying his tremendous talent, Puth quickly created a pair of tropical melodies, then pitched the cup sound down further to add a groovy bass line, drawing cheers from the crowd. He added the cherry on top by adding a bass drum, turning the whole thing into a dance floor slayer on the spot. It’s not the first time Puth has had his skills put to the test on TV, as Jimmy Kimmel also grilled him on his perfect pitch and got a demonstration from the pop star, as you can see below.

In the second video, Puth explains that he realized he had perfect pitch when he was 12, referring to a rare skill where certain people are able to recognize any musical note by name by hearing it, without reference to other notes. In the video, Puth displays this skill and also recreates notes by singing them without hearing any reference notes.

Puth’s perfect pitch also explains how he is able to write beats and music so quickly. As he stated to Kimmel, he’s able to mentally hear how melodies would sound in his head without even needing to play them, speeding up the writing process.

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