Take A Listen To The Youthful Vocals Of A 28-Year-Old Luciano Pavarotti

There is likely no one in this world that exemplifies classical operatic singing than the legend that was Luciano Pavarotti. His vocals are ingrained into the history books of classical singing. The video below is of an amazing young Pavarotti in 1964 singing Verdi: Rigoletto / Act 3 – “La donna è mobile”.

Pavarotti’s performances have dazzled millions over the years, his extremely powerful tenor voice reaching and filling the places he has performed.

In the video below, Luciano Pavarotti explains “Keep the voice effect long until the orchestra breaks it”, in a rare clip of the legend giving singing tips.

About Luciano Pavarotti

The wonder that is Pavarotti performed a magical performance of “Nessun Dorma’’ from the operatic classic Turandot at the Three Tenors concert in Los Angeles in 1994, stunning crowds with his vocal range and prowess.

Performing alongside his fellow tenors, Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo, Pavarotti launches into the steady build-up, singing the piece from the final act. Pavarotti is accompanied by conductor Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra as well as the prestigious Los Angeles Music Centre Opera Chorus who all add up to a show-stopping performance.

Pavarotti And James Brown Performing Live

Nessun Dorma

The music starts to build, as the final act of the Puccini opera comes to a close, Pavarotti builds until he breaks out into the final lyrics of the piece, accompanied by an almost deafening crescendo of orchestral music and vocals. This particular build-up and crescendo has been featured in movies, advertisements and TV as an iconic piece but none live up to the live performance given by Pavarotti.

His tenor vocals are a true and honest reflection of why he was so well known and respected throughout the world as a wonderfully talented singer and performer, a sad loss for the world.

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