Help The Talented Ashleigh Fagan Meet Her Idol Ed Sheeran

Meet Ashleigh Fagan, a lady whose musical talents have transcended her disabilities by quite some distance! Her beautiful vocal tone and musical passion has seen her gain hundreds of thousands of fans across the world!

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Help Ashleigh Meet Ed Sheeran

Ashleigh’s goal is to meet her idol, Ed Sheeran, which is also the name of her Facebook page “Help Ashleigh Meet Ed Sheeran”, and we would love to try and help this dream come true! If any of our readers has contact with anyone close to Ed, please mention this talented young lady! Ashleigh said, “I would love to sing with Ed Sheeran, my favourite song is Castle on the Hill. I’ve listened to it lots of times and can play it on guitar. I just sing in my house and sing covers.”

About Ashleigh Fagan

Ashleigh is a multi-talented musician from Dublin, Ireland, who is visually impaired and unfortunately continues to lose her sight slowly. She was born on 16th August 1999 and showed a keen interest in music growing up before teaching herself to play the guitar at 14 years old, despite her disabilities.

Ashleigh was diagnosed with autism at 12 years old and attends a school in Dublin for blind children where she makes great use of the musical facilities they provide. Ashleigh has found that music has had “a transformative effect” on her life. Her amazing performances playing the piano, guitar and even straight up a capella, have gained her an adoring fan base on social media after videos of Ashleigh have spread across the world.

Ashleigh’s Facebook page was set up by her mother, Liz, as a way to showcase her music to family and friends. However, the talent and messaging Ashleigh transmitted to the public has now landed her with nearly 230,000 followers – that’s a lot of family and friends!

When talking about learning new songs, Ashleigh said, “It makes me feel really happy. It’s really nice as well that my music makes people feel good. It takes me a few weeks to learn a song so I just sing it again and again. I was learning Perfect by Ed Sheeran.”

Learn More About Ashleigh And Follow Her Socials

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