Homeless Man Joins Busker And Surprises Everyone With His Incredible Voice

Busker Jonny Walker And Homeless Man – Bernard Davey

In the video, busker Jonny Walker and singer Bernard Davey perform on the streets of Leeds, UK, on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, after a difficult time in his life, Bernard has since passed away aged 66 and Jonny Walker has also passed away at age 37. This video shows the talent both these men had capturing an incredible moment when a homeless man, Bernard, joined in to sing an awesome rendition of George Gershwin’s Summertime.

Jonny Walker was a director of the “Keep Streets Live!” campaign. He was really passionate about fighting for the rights of buskers and homeless people across the country. He played in over 50 different towns and cities including York, Liverpool, Chester and Huddersfield, spreading his message and fighting a very noble cause.

Jonny’s death was a complete tragedy and shocked everyone. Thousands of loving messages flooded in following the news as fans made their tributes to the late musician. Jonny’s brilliant work continues to live on through the campaigning he did during his life and through the videos on his YouTube channel. The video alongside Bernard Davey showcases what Jonny was all about and why he was loved so much.

About Brian ‘Bernard’ Davey A Troubled But Talented Irish Man

At the time the video was taken Jonny Walker said, “As a busker, I spend a lot of time on the streets and had seen this man many times over the years, but didn’t know he was singer, and, as the years had gone by, his health and well-being seemed to have worsened a great deal,”.

Although Bernard battled poor health and homelessness throughout his life, he had previously been a successful singer in the Irish and folk music scene for many years. The twice-married father of two was in ITV Harry’s Game series in 1982 where he featured in a music session. He also featured on Radio 4’s 50th anniversary Cathy Come Home documentary that covered the launch of a homeless shelter organisation.

Bernard was a well-known character in West Yorkshire city for his incredible singing abilities and his commitment to the Irish community being described as a lovable rogue. Bernard’s commitment to others ironically ended up helping to support himself later in his life. For many years he had been looked after by Irish Health and Homes (LIHH) which is an organisation that Bernard helped create when he was in a better state of mind.

Ant Hanlon, LIHH CEO said, “Like many people who endure mental health difficulties, life is never simple. Like far too many other Irish men and women easily do, Bernard found himself treading a path of poor mental and physical health, propped up by alcohol and displacing himself from society, often with nowhere to turn. LIHH was a place he came to in his time of need.

“The Leeds Irish community alongside his family have spoken very highly of the support that LIHH provided over the years, particularly managing to keep supporting him when support seemed well-nigh impossible due to his lifestyle and conditions.”

We can, and will, all face problems throughout our lives, no matter how talented, rich, or good-looking we may be. We only get one life – so be kind.

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See more from Jonny Walker by subscribing to his YouTube Channel. You can also support Keep Streets Live! by making a donation via their website.

If you wish to help support homelessness in the UK take a look at crisis.

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