Choir Boys Use Only The Word “Meow” Throughout Entire Song And Keep A Straight Face

These two choirboys managed to sing an entire duet in front of a packed audience only using the word “Meow”. The blonde kid has the poker face of a world champion but you can’t blame the brunette kid cracking a smile every now and then.

The song is known as ‘Duetto buffo di due gatti’ AKA ‘Funny duet for two cats’ and is thought to be a composition from Gioachino Rossini, an Italian composer who gained fame for his 39 operas in the 18 hundreds. However, this is not confirmed as some claim it was written by a different composer in 1825.

Two choir boys stand up to perform in front of a packed-out venue. With a serious look on their faces, they start to sing the word “Meow” over and over again. The audience at first is confused, but as the performance goes on, pockets of laughter can be heard from the crowd. The two boys continue singing “Meow” with the straightest of faces – only cracking a wry smile once in the middle of their performance.

Their performance would later go viral as people were so impressed with their composure throughout such a silly performance piece. The boys in the video are soprano singers from the French boys choir Les Petits Chanteurs a la Croix de Bois. You can see them performing a more serious version of ‘Avia Maria’ in the video below.

Even throughout this fun performance, their talent shines through. At the start, you can tell the audience didn’t know it was a parody performance, as you hear the odd laugh coming from the crowd, that laugher grows in size as the performance progressed, and became obvious it was a cat song.

Learn More About Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois

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