Musician Creates Hilarious Songs Using Lyrics From Facebook Arguments Reaching 40M Views

Facebook arguments can be extremely entertaining, however, a comedic musician known as “Lubalin” has taken them to another level. There are 5 parts to this incredible series he calls “Random Internet Drama”, so sit back and watch each of them play out. We start off is a song about two “friends” having a disagreement about a horse’s weight.

In order of how many views they have had, in the next one, we meet a recipe thief known as Caroline.

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The next one was the first release from the genius musician, this time it’s a Facebook marketplace conversation playing out in the most bizarre manner.

Another situation we probably have all experienced is needing some milk or butter…but never would we have made such a catchy awesome tune from the situation, but don’t worry, Lubalin is on it.

There are more internet dramas turned into songs on his TikTok and YouTube channel, so head over there and check them out if you liked the above videos.

Also, let us know which one was your favourite in our Facebook comments, but try not to get in any arguments, as you never know if Lubalin is watching….

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