Incredible Piano Playing Chicken Performs An Operatic Aria On The Keyboard

Jokgu the Chicken

It’s not every day you see an animal play a musical instrument, especially not this well. Jokgu is a female piano-playing Buff Brahma chicken from Germantown, Maryland, USA who is managed and maintained by “Two Creative Chicks”. Not only does this talented chicken play the piano solo, but Jokgu is also part of a band – fittingly named The Flocksters.

The Flocksters became a YouTube sensation after uploading videos of Jokgu and her human friend playing music together. The talented animal also made an appearance on America’s Got Talent and was later joined by a partner chicken called Aichan, so the act became Jokgu and Aichan. Unfortunately, the piano-playing chicken novelty wore off quickly and the act only made it to the judge’s cuts.

She was a massive hit in America after the above audition where Jogku played the US national anthem went viral across the country. She was known as the world’s most patriotic chicken as she captured the hearts and imagination of millions with her piano skills.

How Does She Do It?

It looks like there is a light that tells Jokgu which key to press as she makes her way through the song. At first, we thought this was a little simple and maybe a cheap trick, but when you watch closely you can hear that Jokgu might actually have an affinity with the music…It’s hard to prove if the chicken is listening and starting to recognise patterns, but either way, it’s the most talented chicken The Music Man has ever seen.

For example, these dogs are able to hear a note and then pick the right key to replicate the sound. This shows dogs are capable of this sort of musical intelligence, and maybe chickens are too, albeit with a little help from a light-up keyboard.

Learn More About Jokgu The Chicken

If you want to watch more from this piano playing chicken, follow her on Instagram or subscribe to the Two Creative Chicks YouTube Channel.

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