Farmer Derek Plays The Trombone To A Herd Of Cows Who Come Running To Listen

Farmer Derek

So it seems there is more than one way to heard your cattle. Farmer Derek plays music from one side of his field, and the cows come running as if Oasis had announced a comeback tour.

However, leaving Gallagher made-up pipe dreams aside, all around the world there has been a long history of people playing music to cows because it was believed to increase the quality and quantity of their milk yields.

In Wales, farmers were said to play Tom Jones music to their cattle for this exact reason…so it’s unmoosual to see the cows behaving in this manner. In the video below, the musical farmers at it again this time with a piano involved – all they need is a guitarist and that’ll be the finest milk any cow ever made!

If you want to see more from this musical farmer subscribe to his YouTube channel to keep up to dance with his latest animal concertos.

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