This Group Of 11 – 13 Year Old’s Will Change The Way You Think About Dance Forever

This group of 11 to 13 year old kids are known as “Light Balance Kids”. They are a group of young dancers wearing LED suits who have mastered some serious tech and choreography skills. Watch them perform in the video below.

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Light Balance Kids

After the adult version called “Light Balance” had made their appearances on high-profile competition shows, the group used their success to help a group of kids in Ukraine to achieve similar results. Using the same technology and guidance from the light balance group, “Light Balance Kids” appeared on AGT. Watch the kid’s incredible performance below.

When technology meets talent and creativity some incredible things can happen. This is exactly what Ukrainian dance group Light Balance did when they decided to mix their dance routines with LED light suits. Watch their incredible LED dance routines in the video below.

Who Are Light Balance?

Light Balance are a Ukrainian LED dance troupe that formed in 2012. They’re based in Dnipro, Ukraine, which is where they came up with the brilliant idea to choreograph an LED light show into their dance routines. The group competed in the 8th season of Britains Got Talent making it to the semi-finals and finishing in 4th place. The eventual winners of season 8 were Collabro, an opera group.

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