Awesome Vocal Only Band From Another World Perform Pop Songs Hitting 15M+ Views

A wonderful a capella group called Voca People have been making headline news across social media recently after one of their videos went viral. The group showcases a mixture of interesting costumes, entertaining performance acting, and of course, incredible amounts of talent!

Voca People are an a capella group from Israel. They recreate the sounds of a full orchestra using only their voices. The group consists of 8 singers with vocal ranges from bass to soprano, including beatboxing to give their performances percussive sounds. When they all perform together the results are magical. This cover of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” is out of this world.

Voca People have had large success performing in Europe and in the USA. They are extremely adaptive to the nationality of the audience they’re performing to, changing the lyrics to Spanish when in Spain, English, when in England, etc. This keeps their audiences fully engaged throughout their performances, which could be perceived as a pantomime style musical performance.

The group was founded by Lior Kalfon and Shai Fishman. Their vision was to create a purely vocal-based band dressed in white costumes with contrasting red lips. They are also just as good live as they’re in their music videos. In the video below, the sounds are 100% their own vocals whilst maintaining a wonderful stage presence.

Voca People are said to be from a different world, a world where people interact using songs and intense facial expressions. Planet Voca is their home planet, while they’re touring they float around in their space ship which is powered by music.

They are definitely a talented group, and I have to admit, some of their performances are otherworldly. It’s great to see a different type of act on the stage sometimes, even if they have travelled light years to be here. Below is another brilliant cover, this time in an elevator, performing “Thrift Shop”.

They have a motto, which is: “Life is music and music is life.” They received lots of attention in Italy when a YouTube video went viral with over 15 million views in the first year after it was uploaded. This landed them high profile television spots across Europe, and the rest is history.

If you want to see more from these brilliant vocalists, subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.

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