Orchestra Burst Out Laughing When Trombone Section Plays Star Wars

Oboist Lindsey Jo Kleiser, Trombone players Mohamed Gamal, Juanjo Penas and Jose Antonio along with tuba player Jorge Viana and conductor Gianluca Marcianò really like to put the comedy into their orchestral practices.

Playing in an orchestra is a fun activity for those involved, the collaboration of the musicians playing as one, the sweet music created from the amalgamation of the blend of instruments and dedication of hours of practice combined into one, splendid musical performance. Star Wars comes at the end of the performance so, wait for it…

However, what happens when one of your orchestra members goes rogue and starts playing an iconic theme tune that we all know and love? We break down in laughter of course.

The orchestral ensembles are usually a place of discipline and dedication to craft, no jokes are usually cracked during serious practice time and sometimes this can lead to a serious amount of pressure being put on individuals who are trying to keep pace with the rest of the orchestra.

In the video, we see a trombone player pull off a daring interruption to the somewhat sombre tone of the music they are all playing. The group is playing with the smoothness and uninterrupted glory which comes of a well-versed orchestra, the musical tones flowing and under strict control of the conductor, the song in question, “Dance of the Knights” by Sergei Prokofiev, a classical powerhouse of a piece when the trombone player, who adds the main brass backing to the entire pieces decides he is taking things in a different direction.

As the piece hits the crescendo, the trombone player starts playing “The Imperial March” as seen in the Star Wars films, after a couple of bars of this the whole orchestra breaks down in laughter, including the exasperated looking conductor.

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