Trinitones An Awesome Irish A Capella Vocal Group

The Trinitones are a bunch of very musically gifted young lads. Using only their voices to create a full sounding choir/band, which you can see by watching some of their great videos online.

The all-male a capella group was founded in 2012 at Trinity College Dublin. They call themselves the pioneers of ‘popular’ a cappella performance in Ireland. They are an impressive group of lads, with a large vocal range creating a full sound without any instruments, just their voices.

Dazzling the world with un-orthodox versions of songs “You Love To Hate” they are taking the internet by storm with their unique performances.

The two founding members, Patrick Barrett and Lynsey Callaghan started the a capella group just for the love of music, but little did they know they would experience significant growth in 2018 after a video at the Trinity Ball went viral! Gaining millions of views online, their popularity increased overnight!

Below is a great version of Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls”:

With a constantly changing line up of singers, they continue to pursue their mission of high energy performances and a diverse musical repertoire. Trinitones will keep any audience entertained and singing all night long.

Band Members
Niall Barrett,
Billy Behan,
Cathal Dervan,
Matthew Douglas,
Eoin Hand,
Karl Hegarty,
Patrick Kennedy,
Ross Layden,
Johnny Mason,
Kevin McDonnell,
Jemil Saidi,
Ben Steacy,
Dahnan Spurling,
Sam White.

If you like these awesome group of singers follow their Facebook page for more great videos!

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