Top 5 Solo Artists

Mezerg An Electronic Dance Music Machine

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Mezerg is super creative with his set up and with his music in general. Using multiple foot pedals, he creates a solid beat for his musical overlays. He plays an instrument you may never have seen before called the Theremin, a synthesizer you play without even touching it! He also plays the keyboard, learn more about Meserg here.

Reinhardt Buhr Looping Genius

The awesome Reinhardt Buhr performing on the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. The talents running through this mans veins is obvious from the moment you press play. He creates an incredibly full sound through extremely complex loops that are full of depth and clarity. A progressive style of music, taking listeners through a journey of sound. Reinhardt is a fantastic one-man band and is a favourite here at The Music Man. Learn more about Reinhardt here.

Anders Flanderz A Retro/Modern One Man Band

A super entertaining and talented performer. Traveling the world with his bespoke one-man-band set up, Anders is making a name for himself across the world. After being featured on mainstream TV including the BBC, Anders is starting to get the attention his wacky, unique and wonderful act deserves. He plays multiple instruments all at the same time, with drums and keyboards strapped to his back and arms. Learn more about Anders Flanderz here.

Cam Cole The Camden MEGA Rocker

The MEGA rocker Cam Cole from London is building a large loyal fan base across the UK and the world. Releasing original music, busking and performing shows Cam is everywhere at the moment. His set up includes farmer foot drums which provide him with a more than just a simple beat. Playing a modified acoustic guitar with attached pick up(s) and slider on his finger, Cam can create a full band sound with only 2 instruments! Learn more about Cam Cole here.

Juzzie Smith An Australian Musical Genius

Juzzie Smith quite the performer. Using all his musical talents whilst mixing it up with his accurate hand-eye coordination, he has become a Music Man favourite and very well known across the world. Juzzie plays the Guitar, the Mouth Organ, the Cajon and sings all at the same time. If you didn’t think that was enough, he also juggles shakers for added percussion. Juzzie has some brilliant videos and wonderful original music. Learn more about Juzzie here.

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