Boy’s Choir Performs An Incredible Rendition Of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ Hitting 3 Million Views

One of the most prominent choirs in Lithuania and all the Baltic Regions is the fantastic Boys Choir called “Dagilėlis” from Šiauliai. They play a number of concerts each year attracting hundreds of listeners from around the world.

The video below is an awesome version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. The choir started by setting the atmosphere, creating jungle noises consisting of Monkeys and other atmospheric sounds. Slowly they build into the well-known intro and start to perform the song. Their unique introduction and performance of this song has seen their videos perform well online, going semi-viral with thousands of views. It’s a long intro, but well worth the wait!

Their very special approach to the songs they perform has their audiences applauding all evening. Šiauliai culture is deeply embedded in the Dagilėlis choir and is at the heart of all their performances.

The boys’ choir have performed around the world including in the USA, Germany, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain, China, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Belarus, and more! Being reviewed with great praise everywhere they go, the boys’ choir continues to increase their repertoire and following as they spread their Lithuanian culture.

If you want to see more from this very talented group of singers you can visit their Official Website or check them out on Facebook. Follow them to keep up to date with the latest from the talented group.

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