Tina Turner’s Forgotten Italian Pop Hit: “Cose Della Vita (Can’t Stop Thinking Of You)”

In 1997, two international pop sensations collided with phenomenal force. Yet somehow, Tina Turner’s collaboration with Italian superstar, Eros Ramazzotti, has been largely forgotten by modern pop history, making the track a quirky footnote in her outlandish A-list career. “Cose Della Vita (Can’t Stop Thinking Of You)” was a bilingual pop hit streaked with rock, soul, and burning passion. The duo’s electrifying live performance in Munich, 1998, crystallized its power.

Outside the majestic Königsplatz building, Eros Ramazotti’s all-time greatest hit, “Cose Della Vita” opened with a retro rock guitar solo, dissolving into an ambiance which let his vocals captivate the crowd. After Eros’ first verse, an eruption of noise at the first sight of the legendary Tina Turner overtook the night scene, her silver dress glitzing in the spotlight and her voice like an instant throwback. To a forest of screaming fans, the duo dazzled with unmatched chemistry.

Tina Turner has been iconic since her 1984 Grammy Award-winning hit, “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” took the pop world by storm; winning Record of the Year and hitting #1 in the US and Canada. This American superstar hardly needs an introduction; Tina’s an 80s icon, a multi-platinum record seller, and, more recently, an influential fashion force upon drag queens. She even wrote new English lyrics for her multilingual hit, while Eros performs his in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Alongside Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner made history as one of the oldest black female singers to claim a US #1 single. She released “What’s Love Got To Do With It” at the age of 44 and collaborated with Eros Ramazzotti when she was 59. She’s acclaimed for working twice as hard as her younger US chart competitors to claim her first and only US #1 in 1984, thereby gaining unparalleled respect for her authenticity, drive, and star power.

Eros Ramazzotti (aged 35 at the ’98 Munich performance) found fame with “Cosa Delle Vita” back in 1993. In 1997, the Italian-born vocalist re-recorded his track with Tina Turner, making it the lead single for his Greatest Hits album, “Eros.” Their Munich duet during the Eros & Friends Tour was recorded for Eros’ live album, “Eros Live.” Its greatest fame, however, comes from YouTube. With over 243 million views, this performance keeps fans continually stunned by the incredible power of Tina’s voice, matched with Eros’ European charm and an addictive on-stage chemistry.

If you love the electrifying performances of the legendary pop sensation, Tina Turner, then make sure to follow her on her official YouTube page and also like her Facebook page. Whether it’s her iconic Grammy Award-winning hit, “What’s Love Got to Do With It” or her bilingual pop hit, “Cose Della Vita (Can’t Stop Thinking Of You)” with Italian superstar, Eros Ramazzotti, Tina Turner continues to dazzle fans with her passionate vocals and unmatchable chemistry on stage.

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