Robbie Williams’ INSANE Performance Of “Angels” At Live 8 2005

Robbie Williams defined the sound of the new millennium. While voicing the anthems of a generation, pop’s professional goofball also brought to life some truly breathtaking live shows. There’s no doubt that Robbie Williams’ all-time greatest hit, “Angels” touched thousands upon its release — but the incredible momentum of his performance at the Live 8 Festival in 2005, captures the absolute power of pop music.

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“Angels” was Robbie’s breakthrough single; a commercial extravaganza of a pop ballad which topped the UK’s annual poll for the most requested funeral song. It even won the Brit Award for Song of the Decade (1995-2004) the year of his phenomenal Live 8 gig. For his 2005 set, Robbie Williams took momentary steps back, spotlighting the audience’s voice in the heart of the song. It’s no wonder every single member of Robbie’s vast, Live 8 crowd choir could sing every word like it’s a modern hymn.

Robbie was 31 when he performed at the Live 8 Festival, but broke into the limelight back in 1990 when he was just 16 as the youngest member of the British boy band, Take That. A teenage heart-throb and chart-topper boasting seven UK #1 singles by the time he was 21, Robbie Williams left Take That after addictions and disagreements surfaced. He then launched his solo career in 1997.

By the turn of the century, Robbie Williams had made himself an icon. Eleven of his twelve solo albums to date have clinched the #1 spot in UK album charts and his #1 single “Something Stupid” featuring actress Nicole Kidman broke the mould. However, it was Robbie’s club hits and power ballads that soundtracked the era. A rapid round of hits including “Let Me Entertain You,” “Millennium,” “She’s The One,” “Rock DJ,” “Feel” and a collaboration with Kylie Minogue scorched Robbie’s sound into music history.

Robbie exudes star power, and his personality during Live 8 is ignited with the cheeky, captivating energy that defines his music, matched with a voice that sounds just like the record.

With over 70 million views of this performance alone, Robbie’s still a star, and by this point, a national treasure.

With 3 million Instagram followers, 2m+ YouTube subscribers, and a tell-all Netflix documentary in 2023, there’s no doubt that “Angels” and Robbie’s surplus of hits will live on forever.

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