We Three, An Oregon Family Band, Deliver Touching Tribute To Mother On America’s Got Talent

We Three, a family band from Oregon, reduced the judges and audience of America’s Got Talent 2018 to tears with their beautiful performance in tribute to their mother. They performed their original song, “Heaven’s Not Too Far Away”, with the support of their family both in the crowd and backstage. What the judges were not expecting was the touching story that inspired them to pursue a music career together and the experiences along the way that would shape their songs.

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The trio of siblings was first inspired by their father, who started a band with his siblings. Wanting to keep this idea alive and breathing in the family, We Three decided to follow in his footsteps and form their musical group! This dedication to familial values and shared passions is part of the reason the outfit is as close as they are, both within themselves and with their families. Watch their performance of “Heaven’s Not Too Far Away” in the video below:

We also learned more about the inspiration behind the song they chose to audition for America’s Got Talent. “Heaven’s Not Too Far Away” was written in tribute to their mother, who sadly passed away from cancer two years ago. The song is written from her perspective as she communicates with the family during her last month. It’s a touching tribute that was undoubtedly hard to write, but with their family all watching and supporting them, We Three delivered an excellent performance that their mother would be proud of.

While some fans commented that it was shocking the trio did not receive a Golden Buzzer for their immaculate performance, that does not mean they did not receive a wealth of praise from both the judges and the audience for this masterclass performance. Their voices blended beautifully, with the high melodies making the emotional aspect of this tribute all the more heartfelt and emotionally powerful.

Sadly, We Three did not win America’s Got Talent that year, but they did manage to progress to the Judges’ Choice Semi-Finals section of the competition.

With each performance, they offered an original song to the judges and audience, many of which gave them standing ovations after their performance was over.

In the end, it was only Mel B who voted for them to stay in the competition.

Discover more about the talented family band, We Three. Follow their journey, explore their beautiful music, and get the latest updates on Instagram @wethreemusic.

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