Singer And Plane Crash Survivor STUNS Judges On America’s Got Talent

TV talent shows are steeped in inspirational stories, but none quite as jaw-dropping as that of America’s Got Talent finalist, Kechi Okwuchi. When Simon Cowell asked Kechi, “What got you into singing?” the 28-year-old revealed she’d survived a plane crash which had killed 107 of 109 passengers, including 60 of her classmates. Despite devastating burns and 100+ reconstructive surgeries, music became Kechi’s solace; a way of reclaiming confidence in her skin and empowering others to heal.

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Singing the Ed Sheeran hit, Thinking Out Loud, for her audition on the 12th season of America’s Got Talent, Kechi’s gospel-laced voice moved the audience to tears. This was followed by a wild standing ovation that soared with the momentum of her final chorus. Her voice, radiating straight from the heart, makes her a symbol of true courage and inner strength, fulfilling her goal to “inspire millions across the globe to truly believe in life after trauma.”

Born in Nigeria, Kechi had been singing her whole life. However, the 2005 plane crash, which burned 65% of her body, changed the way she cherished music forever. Alongside her undying faith in God, and the support of her family and friends, Kechi credits the power of music and singing as the therapeutic forces which kept her strong.

Since becoming an AGT finalist in 2017, Kechi continues to use her voice to empower others, both in song and in story. In 2022, she authored an autobiography about overcoming trauma entitled More Than My Scars: The Power of Perseverance, Unrelenting Faith, and Deciding What Redefines You, which featured a foreword from none other than Simon Cowell.

Simon is a huge supporter of Kechi — he even awarded her the Golden Buzzer during America’s Got Talent: The Champions in 2019, after Howie Mandel called her “a champion of life.” Alongside her singer/songwriter career, Kechi is also a speaker, ambassador, bullying prevention advocate, and burn survivor advocate, using “her voice and her story to ignite hope all over the world within those that need it.”

Kechi’s Instagram post showing before-and-after photos of her 100+ surgeries went viral in 2021, and beneath it featured a long-form caption to her 330k+ followers illuminating her journey to recovery. Kechi’s iconic AGT appearances, which have amassed over 19 million YouTube views combined, spotlighted her message perfectly: “I want someone who reads this to see that true progress, genuine growth, and lasting change cannot happen overnight.”

Kechi Okwuchi is a talented vocalist who gained recognition as a finalist on America’s Got Talent. Her awe-inspiring story is a testament to her strength and resilience. Kechi’s powerful voice and inspiring music proves that there is life after trauma. If you want to experience more of her exceptional talent, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Music truly has the power to heal and Kechi embodies this spirit.

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