The Trouble Notes Wonderful Gypsy Train Music

The Trouble Notes Bridging Cultural Barriers

The Trouble Notes consist of three superb musicians who together make a great team. Bennet Cerven (violin), Florian Eisenshmidt (guitarist) and Oliver Maguire (percussion). Previous member, Stefan Bielik (bassist), has recently left the group. They play absolutely awesome travelling ‘Gypsie Train Music’.

The video below shows the guys playing for free at the Piazza Stefano, Bologna, Italy. Watch this right to the end or you’ll miss something very special. It went viral and rightly so.

Music, of course, is a universal language that helps bring down barriers and bring people together. ‘The Trouble Notes’ speak it fluently! They deliberately do not put lyrics to their superb music as they want each and every listener to create their own vision of each and every piece of their outstanding work and eliminate any language barriers.

They say to truly understand the band’s music you need to understand their philosophy, saying, “To understand the story of The Trouble Notes, one must understand the story of our world.” Talking about breaking down cultural barriers the band say on their website, “In an effort to reduce cultural barriers, The Trouble Notes have made it their mission to create their own cultural universe, mixing influences from all over the world into their songs.”

The guys are now almost constantly touring and spreading their incredible muscial style across the World. They may even be playing a show near you! If you fancy getting a closer look at these wonderful musicians go to their website “Website Here” and buy some tickets. You won’t be disappointed.

Their music infuses the different cultures of the band members themselves. Based in Berlin, the original trio took the inspirations from their own musical backgrounds, all very different, and merged it into one – resulting in some very musically interesting, unique and exciting melody lines. In the video below the band perform their own composition called “Christoph”. Performing live on the streets of Würzburg.

If you’re ever wondering the streets of Europe and hear a wonderfully upbeat violin melody line belting out echoing off the surrounding buildings, you might be one of the lucky passers-by who get to see this awesome band performing live in the streets! If you want to see and hear more from this talented band YouTube channel or follow them on Instagram.

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