Blac Rabbit Talented Beatles Style Buskers

Blac Rabbit Beatles Buskers

Here are a very talented band called “Blac Rabbit” playing ‘Eight days a week’ by the Beatles in the NYC subway. Using just the natural reverb from the reflective walls of New York’s subway, these guys sound just like the real thing!

The sound they create is like listening to a real Beatles concert live, the harmonies and the delivery are uncanny! The duo has performed as a Beatles tribute act in their earlier days, but now they make their own music, which they describe as “psychedelic rock”, alongside their cover work as a band called “Blac Rabbit”. Blac Rabbit is a favourite among The Music Man’s music-loving audience and watching the video below it’s easy to see why!

The band was formed when real-life twin brothers Amiri and Rahiem Taylor, known for their awesome Beatles covers in the NYC subway, met Patrick “Sticks” Jones at an open mic night in Brooklyn, New York City. Fresh out of high school, the trio created a band that they named Blac Rabbit. Black Rabbit was already taken, so they lost the “k” from “Black” and stuck with the name.

The Taylor twins left their jobs working at local supermarkets and have postponed their college applications to pursue their music career with Blac Rabbit full time. Bassist and occasional guitarist Josh Lugo joined the band later, transforming the trio into a 4 piece band. The band have landed multiple high profile shows since forming and even appeared on the US talk show Ellen, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

The viral video of the Twins performing in the NYC subway has gone viral on multiple different social media platform. On Twitter, their following jumped from 500 to nearly 17K in just two days. Their social media presence continued to grow as other videos of their started making their way around the internet being shared by Beatles fans and others.

As the band has evolved from the early days with just the two brothers, members now include Amiri Taylor, Rahiem Taylor, Patrick Jones, Josh Lugo and Justin Jagbir. The band are signed to record labels Audiotree and How Far Music.

If you want to see more from this awesome band from the USA follow them on Facebook or subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

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