The French Family A Country Band With Incredible Harmonies

The French Family is a USA-based family band who specialise in country music currently living in Nashville. Their passion for country music is clear to see throughout all of their video performances on YouTube.

The band consists of Camille, who was raised in New Zealand by a music-loving family. Stuie, a guitarist influenced by Jonny Cash, who grew up in Tasmania. Camille and Stuie are also parents to three children. Sonny joined the duo at 12 years old forming “The French Family” band. Chet was the latest of their 3 children to join the band, a 16-year-old bass guitarist, until Manaia (10 years old) joined the group as a vocalist. Below you can see the family performing “Til The World Starts Spinning Again” an original song written by Stuie French, Sonny French Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay.

Stuie and Camile have been supporting acts/backing performers for many top Australian artists. They were playing frequently together and eventually inspired each other to create their own act. Camille said, “Once we got together, I always thought he was too good to be in the background––and he thought I was too good to be in the background”.

As a duo, they performed covers and began writing their own original material which was really well received, proving to themselves, and everyone else, they were much too good to be in the background and definitely deserve to be center stage.

When Sonny joined the duo he transformed the act from a dup into a family band, which they named “The French Family”. Camille said, “He was about three when he first started singing, and even from that early age, he could sing in pitch. His timing and pitch were just too good to be true.” Camille added, “Then, by the time he was six or seven, he was doing harmony. I’ve made my living as a harmony singer, but I’ve never had anybody who locks in with me quite like he does.”

The French Family is a very talented group with a family connection that shines through into their music. They continue to grow their following, musical repertoire of original material and create honest songs with beautiful harmonies.

If you want see more from this extremely talented family band from the USA, subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow their Facebook page.

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