Four Dancing Grannies Take Over Festival With Their Silky Moves

When you think you’ve seen it all along comes a video like this. These young/old ladies are known as “The Dancing Grannies” who were in the middle of a shopping trip in Stafford, UK, and their jam came on.

Of course, these are not actually old women dancing around like they’re 22, but it was a nice uplifting act that Stafford’s community put on for the public as they turned their Christmas lights on.

All four of the dancers are aged between 33 and 51 and are part of a dance group called “Fizzog Productions’”. The Dancing Grannies contains Sue Hawkins who is 42 years old, Jackie Fellows at 51 years, Deb Nicholls, 42, and Emma Rollason, 33.

Their performance has now become somewhat of a local iconic dance after this video quickly went viral when it was uploaded to the internet. Being covered by major news outlets the video spread far and wide and it wasn’t long before the dance group were receiving messages praising their performance from Australia and Japan.

If you want to watch their original video on YouTube, with the full intro, you can check it out here.