Man Teaches Himself To Dance In His Living Room Reaching 53M Views

Sven Otten, seen in the video below dancing, created a new dance style that took the world by storm. After teaching himself how to dance using YouTube videos in his living room, Sven invented “Neo-swing”, an upbeat, fast-paced, dance style. Watch Sven in action below.

This is Sven Otten a dancer from Germany who has invented a new type of dancing that he calls, “neo-swing”. The style is a mixture of the Melbourne Shuffle, Tectonic, Rebolation and the Charleston dance styles. Sven is a self-taught YouTube dancing sensation and when you watch any video of him showing off his moves, it’s clear to see why!

Sven is also known as JustSomeMotion, which he has after his name in his YouTube channel’s official name. Talking about his love for dance Sven said, “A few years ago I learned dancing at my room just watching Youtube tutorials. I realized I loved it!”.

Sven is also a computer scientist, however, his newfound fame (around 6 years ago) from dancing has seen him travel the world shooting advertising videos for major companies and leaving the desk job behind. So why did Sven end up creating such a viral video?

Sven’s dance style, “Neoswing”, became a bit of a trend across social media. His fancy footwork and upbeat movement really inspired people to learn how to perform neo-swing themselves. It wasn’t long before lots of other dancers were uploading their own videos showcasing their newfound love for the neo-swing.

Sven has also participated in a talent contest in Germany where he made it all the way to the semi-finals. Since then, he has really taken his dancing across the globe, travelling to Italy in 2016 where his moves were very well received. He also featured on the front of Rolling Stones Magazine in 2018.

Sven has a real passion for dance and has stayed humble throughout his amazing sucess. He says on his YouTube channel, “I learned many different styles to combine them and have even more fun! I did this video, I uploaded it on my Youtube channel, and today it has millions of views! So incredible!”

If you want to see more from this awesome dancing sensation subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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