Dancing Duo Perform Honky Tonk Routine That Stuns Country Music Obsessives

Two professional dancers took to the stage to perform a dance that would shake the nation. This is Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle showcasing what would go down as one of the best ever performances in dance sports to this day.

Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle were long-time dance partners. There are many performances of the two online, but the video above is one of their most popular. Their perfect routine to Honky Tonk Women, by Travis Tritt quickly became a favourite throughout the country music circles.

Jason Colacino was born on August 20, 1977, and unfortunately passed away on August 9th, 2009 at just 31 years old. Jason suffered pneumonia and cardiac arrest and later it was discovered he had an enlarged heart. However, his incredible skill lives on through many exceptional videos, many of which include Katie Boyle.

Jason was born in San Leandro, California and but lived in New York City. He began his dance career as a teenager starting out in country line dancing. The talented dancer went on to master a host of different styles including Salsa, Swing, Argentine, Jazz, Tango, Ballet, and Ballroom dancing.

Due to his large accumulated wealth of knowledge spanning different dance styles, Jason began teaching, choreographing, competing, and even being a dance judge in multiple different countries throughout his career.

Katie Boyle is one of the world’s most respected ballroom dance choreographers and an extremely talented dancer herself. She began dancing at just 2 years old and has gone onto master multiple different styles of dance too. Katie has been trained in classical ballet dancing which is where she learned how to choreograph, perform and excel her dance career to the heights she has reached today.

The meaning of “Honky Tonk” was first introduced as a way to refer to a public bar that served alcohol to working-class people. There would also often be a form of live music at these establishments such as a piano player, or live band. Today, the two words are used to describe most country western-style bars, especially those that offer live music.

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