Couples Have Dance Off At A Swing Dance Festival Showcasing Their Brilliant Moves

These incredible dancers are couples competing at Sofia Swing Dance Festival in 2017. Can you pick a favourite out of this group of talented performers? Watch the brilliant couples compete in the video below.

What is Sofia Swing Festival?

Sofia Swing Festival is a dance festival held in Bulgaria. The video above was recorded in 2017 and was known as the “Advanced Jack & Jill Competition (Fast)” and was organised by Lindy Hop Bulgaria.

What is Lindy Hop Dance?

Lindy Hop is an upbeat American style of dancing that originated from the African American communities throughout the late 1920s. The style began in areas such as Harlem in New York City. The style became very popular during the swing dance era in the late 1930s and at the beginning of the 1940s.

Sofia Swing Dance Festival Invitation

For the 2017 festival the “Crazy Bulgarians” put out a very entertaining invitation. Showcasing the humour attitude the swing dance community love to provide every year. The 2017 festival ran for “4 days and nights of non-stop swing madness together with the crazy Bulgarians.”

Learn more and credits

If you want to see more from this amazing dance festival visit Sofia Swing’s official website.

If you want to see more Lindy Hop broadcasts, check out Lindy Hop Bulgaria’s YouTube Channel.

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