One Of A Kind DRONE Performance Earns Sky Elements The America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer

Sky Elements brought a whole new meaning to the word ‘groundbreaking’ earlier this month when they appeared on America’s Got Talent, showcasing their innovative drone act. The six members of the Dallas-based Sky Elements team – Preston, Brian, Phil, Tyler, Kyle, and Rick – exuded confidence when they showed up for their audition. They told the judges that they brought something to the show they didn’t think they would have ever seen before, and it was going to be “400ft tall” and “300ft wide”.

As it turns out, the group’s confidence was well-placed. Everyone was suitably intrigued by the Sky Elements’ description of their act, even more so when the judges were asked to step outside to witness the team’s audition. It was then time for the audition to begin, and Sky Elements wasted no time in showcasing just how dazzlingly innovative their act was. From out of nowhere, multi-coloured drone lights began to appear in the sky, telling the story of Apollo 11’s 1969 voyage to the moon.

“Look at that, that’s in the sky!” exclaimed host Terry Crews, as the lights took the shape of Apollo 11 and a voiceover began the countdown until lift-off. Cries of “ooh” and “aah” came from the audience as the drones took the shape of the ship floating through space. Then came the best part of Sky Elements’ show; first, the drones began to take the shape of an astronaut, then they created Simon Cowell’s face in the sky, leaving the real Simon who was safely on the ground looking astounded.

If you can’t get enough of Sky Elements, have no fear. Their YouTube channel is packed with videos of their interstellar drone creations, including a record-breaking light show from Christmas 2023 that has been watched by over 11 million people. Breaking the world records for Largest Aerial Image and Largest Fictional Character, the team used only drones to create a scintillating Christmas story, featuring well-known characters including Santa Claus, the Nutcracker, and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

In total, the Sky Elements team is the current holder of a whopping six world records, and as such, it was no surprise that when it came to getting the judges’ verdict on their America’s Got Talent audition, Simon Cowell reached over and slammed his hand onto the golden buzzer, shouting “lift off!” as he did so. This golden buzzer was extra special too, marking the first time a judge had pressed it twice in one season. The audience erupted into exultant applause, also having been blown away by Sky Elements’ innovative act, and no doubt excited at the prospect of seeing the team’s incredible drone light show again as part of the competition’s semi-final.

Should you be interested in seeing more from the incredibly talented Sky Elements, consider subscribing to their Facebook page or following their Instagram account. You can also visit their official website for more information on their adventurous and innovative acts.

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