Insanely Talented Singer Liv Warfield Gets Golden-Buzzer From Simon Cowell On America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent has seen its fair share of talented singers over the years, but Liv Warfield has to be one of the most talented to have ever appeared on the show. Her rock- and soul-infused performance of an original song ‘Stare’ had the audience on their feet and Simon Cowell’s jaw dropping to the floor after just a few seconds. The combination of her powerhouse vocals, funky dancing, and electric stage presence proved to be absolutely irresistible to everyone in the room.

While Simon appeared to be particularly impressed, widening his eyes in amazement at the sheer power of Liv’s vocals, the other judges also seemed awestruck by what they were witnessing. Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara were grinning in astonishment at not only Liv’s talent but also the talent showcased by her incredibly energetic band. Viewers around the world were similarly impressed, with one fan commenting that they got “cold chills for her whole performance”.

As the band finished playing and the music died away, the overwhelmingly positive reaction from the room made it clear that Liv’s audition had been truly special. In the end though, it came down to Simon to sum up the impressiveness of Liv’s performance. “It was like being, in a good way, punched in the face by your energy,” he said, before getting to his feet and slamming down the golden buzzer. Not only that, he then ran up onstage to thank the band, and give an emotional Liv a congratulatory hug.

But it wasn’t just Simon who was overawed by Liv and her singing. Professional vocalist and YouTuber Brad Steele recently uploaded a reaction video to Liv’s audition, and he too became a fan almost immediately. “Oh yes!” he shouts, clapping along with the music, later dubbing the singer “an absolute boss”. “She is just in another zone,” Brad continues, referring to Liv’s fearless stage presence, before rightly citing her passion and energy as reasons why her performance was so well-received.

Given her performance on America’s Got Talent, and the fact she got a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell, it won’t come as a surprise that Liv is no amateur when it comes to singing. In fact, she has been doing it for many years and has performed with some true legends of the music business, including Prince (who was actually her mentor for a while) and Nancy Wilson of Heart.

Nowadays, she plays in a group called Roadhouse Royale, who perform rock, RnB, and ballads to audiences all over America, and who have previously supported acts including Bob Seger. With these credentials – and a voice like the one she showcased on America’s Got Talent – this incredibly gifted, soulful lady is surely bound for global superstardom. For more amazing performances by Liv Warfield, you can follow her on her Facebook page or visit her Official Website.

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