Adorable 5-Year-Old Drummer Chrisyius Whitehead Dubbed “Brilliant” By Simon Cowell On America’s Got Talent

What’s better than an insanely talented drummer? A few days ago, America’s Got Talent viewers discovered that the answer to this question was “an insanely talented drummer who’s also absolutely adorable” when five-year-old Chrisyius Whitehead auditioned for the competition. Dressed in a smart suit and bowtie and sporting a winning smile, this sweet, charismatic young man won the hearts of America’s Got Talent viewers, with many saying that his cuteness only added to his incredible performance.

Walking onto the stage, unsurprisingly, he seemed a little nervous at first, but Simon Cowell soon helped to settle his nerves, asking the boy where he was from and what he would do with the prize money if he won. “I would share it with poor people and homeless people and everybody in this whole world,” Chrisyius replied, prompting loud “aw”s from the audience. It was then time for him to do his audition, so he took his place at his drum kit while the judges marveled at how cute and tiny he was.

Drumming to Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande’s 2016 track ‘Faith’, it soon became clear that Chrisyius wasn’t just a pretty face. In fact, he gave a performance worthy of many adult drummers, hammering away at the cymbals while keeping perfect time, and even slotting in a short drum solo. What made his audition even more heartwarming, however, was the fact that his parents were backstage, looking at him proudly and welling up at the audience’s enthusiastic reaction to their young son.

Watching Chrysyius’ astounding drumming may have reminded some America’s Got Talent viewers of a previous audition given by an equally sweet performer. Aged just 7 years old when she auditioned, Eseniia Mikheeva had the show’s audience up on their feet, cheering her incredible dance moves, which included tricky headstands and some seriously sassy kicks. “I think you’re incredible,” said Heidi Klum, while Sofía Vergara summed up everyone’s thoughts by calling her “a beautiful little girl”.

There have been numerous talented kids on America’s Got Talent over the years, but Chrisyius and Eseniia surely have to be among some of the most talented. Chrisyius, in particular, delivered an audition that showcased both his genuine drumming talent and his adorable personality, winning the hearts of many of the show’s viewers in the process and prompting an overwhelmingly positive response from the judges, particularly Simon Cowell, who called him “brilliant”. No doubt, this sweet young man has already gained many new fans who will be eager to see how far he progresses in the competition.

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