Simon Cowell STOPS SHOW For Filipino Sibling Singers “L6” In Shocking AGT Audition

Singing groups are a tried and tired sight on the TV talent show circuit. But when six sibling singers from the Philippines — L6 — tried out for the nineteenth season of America’s Got Talent, singing Celine Dion’s power ballad, “All By Myself” in memory of their departed mum, their impeccable first verse blew the roof off the theatre. In a shock move, Simon Cowell halted the audition, spurring the crowd to erupt in boos and multiple siblings to cry.

L6 took to the stage in a rainbow of smart suit jackets and revealed their moving backstory to the judges: A family of 10 siblings, one parent and four children (by one sibling), the family squeezed together into a small, single house in the Philippines. Their goal was to take home the $1M prize destined for AGT’s season winner and buy a bigger house to support the expanding family.

But why AGT? The Luntayao family were fulfilling their late mother’s dream, emotionally stating: “Before she passed away, her dream for us was to perform on AGT, and this is it now!” This wasn’t their first TV appearance as L6, however. In 2010, they landed in 10th place on the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent; in 2017, they appeared on Asia’s Got Talent, and in 2023, appeared on The Voice Generations.

The backing track to “All By Myself” began, and two male siblings took reins of the first verse — outstanding, pitch-perfect and gripping. But when the first two female singers stepped forward to take on the chorus, giving us a snippet of their phenomenal voices, Simon Cowell halted the show immediately, repeatedly asking them to stop. Cue: instant booing from the entire audience and six confused, emotional singers on stage.

Simon told L6: “There are a lot of singing groups. I’m gonna do something which I think is gonna help you: lose the track. Okay? Because, in my opinion, the track was terrible. And there aren’t that many great a cappella groups, and I think you’ve got the potential to be a great a cappella group.”

The notorious A&R genius had it spot on. Reeling back to first positions, L6 absolutely conquered their performance. Their a cappella harmonies defined flawlessness; like a gospel church choir tuned into pop, L6’s voices were operatic and grandiose, tying orchestral rhythms into their rendition and melting together in such fine-tuned harmony they sounded like a real-life vocoder.

With a standing ovation from all four judges and practically all members overwhelmed with tears, Simon praised L6’s a cappella rendition as being “more unique, more special, more memorable,” before the group were awarded four out of four Yes votes, sending them through to the next stage in a moment that’s already gained 1.5M+ views on YouTube to date!

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