Father & Son Rappers, Flewnt & Inkabee’s Electric Audition On America’s Got Talent Performing Original Hip-Hop Hit, “We Dat Good”

Father and son duo Flewnt & Inkabee gave one of the most outstanding auditions of America’s Got Talent’s nineteenth season so far, performing a visceral and edgy original rap at shockingly fast speeds.

Packing their co-written track, “We Dat Good” with vivacious attitude, ultra-addictive rhythms and a wholesome, electric chemistry, 11-year-old Ethan Eggington (Inkabee) kickstarted the duo’s audition with a faultless start: shockingly confident as his verse flowed like velvet, splitting lines with dad, Joshua (Flewnt MC).

Joshua, an award-winning rapper based in Perth, Australia, embodied the steady force of the song, stealing the limelight with his impeccable pro skills and adorable glances supporting his son. Their powerful performance finished with a stand-out melodic chorus which saw the audience stand up and dance, and Simon Cowell fanning his arms towards the duo in praise.

Stellar critiques and four out of four Yes votes from the judges followed Flewnt & Inkabee’s spotless performance, with Simon summing up: “I think we have just seen what I call ‘a MOMENT.’ Just the way you performed together, it was mesmerizing. And I think you [pointing to Inkabee] are gonna be the face of so many things because you are so cool.”

Simon had his finger on the money — Inkabee is already a rising internet sensation, even before his iconic AGT audition aired! He’s been rapping since he was seven years old and, after dropping his debut single, “Beat The Odds” in 2022 and follow-up track, “Saved By The Bell,” Inkabee’s gone on to pick up two nominations at the West Australian Music Awards. He even met the legendary Chance The Rapper in an Aussie pub, in a viral YouTube Shorts clip!

Joshua, who became a father when he was just 16 years old, is an impeccable match for Inkabee’s overbrimming musical energy. The father and son keep their First Nation heritage as part of the Noongar, Wongi tribe close to heart, uniquely weaving aboriginal themes throughout their co-written lyrics, finessed with cutting-edge delivery.

Flewnt & Inkabee have been captivating audiences across Australia, performing at the 2024 Perth Festival and Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House. On Triple J’s Bars Of Steel, the duo performed “We Dat Good” before Joshua revealed, “I knew from an early age myself that there’s power in music, and I could express who I was,” and that Inkabee practically “came out spitting,” raised listening to his dad’s beats in the back of the car.

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