13-Year-Old Dancer Lillianna Clifton’s Electrifying Britain’s Got Talent Performance Is Next Level!

Lillianna Clifton brought her A game to her Britain’s Got Talent finals performance, delivering a powerful and precise routine to Loreen’s “Tattoo”. Lillianna eventually placed runner-up in the competition, but for many fans, she was the real winner of the season after they saw her own the dancefloor in the final. The Liverpool schoolgirl really put her heart into the routine, and her dance tied in with the emotions of the song to make for a moving performance.

Beyond her ability to command the stage effortlessly, Lillianna has a strong technical command of her craft. Her routine featured numerous pirouettes and flips, and she displayed superb balance, strength, and grace throughout. It’s always a special performer that can combine hard-won skills with the ability to bring out the emotions of a song with the right dance. Check out her final performance below, which attracted 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Fans watching at home were completely sold on her Season 16 finals performance, which went live on June 5, 2023. They added comments such as “Oh my word! That’s another phenomenal performance. She’s this year’s winner already in my opinion! Her execution of precision with jumps, flips and spins is perfection” and “Just utterly, utterly amazing. Her dance was perfect with that song, and those flip spins! So much talent, you’ve done Liverpool proud Lillianna!”

Lillianna’s most popular performance on YouTube was her opening audition, which attracted 2.6 million views. The judges were visibly affected while watching her audition, and judge Bruno Tonioli declared that the teen was “a dramatic actress as well as a fantastic dancer, I saw some excellent ballet steps and the gymnastics was out of this world.”

Alesha Dixon was also amazed, saying, “Technically, I haven’t seen anything like that for a long, long time. I’m quite speechless actually.” Amanda Holden kept the hype train coming, saying, “You were like the speed of a hummingbird. It just looked incredible.”

Simon Cowell rounded out the judges’ comments by declaring it a 10 out of 10 audition. During his comments, Cowell asked what Lillianna’s ambitions were, to which she said she dreamed of touring the world with Cirque Du Soleil. Tonioli said that “You’ll have a chance,” and I’m sure we can all agree she has an excellent shot at it. Unsurprisingly, after all that praise, all four judges gave her yes votes, which was a sign of what was to come later in her successful season.

If you would like to see more from this talented dancer, you can check out her incredible performances on her YouTube Channel and follow her on Instagram for more updates.

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