Sam Ryder Powerful Vocals From The United Kingdom

This is Sam Ryder, a singer-songwriter from London, UK (not to be confused with Sam Ryder the golfer). Sam’s recent recordings of himself singing cover songs and uploading the videos to social media resulted in the opportunity to compete in Eurovision for the United Kingdom.

His cover videos have been gaining lots of attention from Facebook and TikTok users across the world. It’s no surprise really, his vocals are incredible, and his delivery and personality shine through with each upload. Sam doesn’t stay safe with the songs he chooses to cover either. He takes on some of the hardest, most vocally challenging songs and seems to perform them with ease. His brilliant vocals and song writing skills landed him second place in Eurovision 2022 with his song “Space Man”. It’s the best position the UK has placed in the competition since Imaani’s “Where Are You?” in 1998.

Sam has been involved in the music industry since 2009, performing and producing music through various projects. He formed a rock band called “The Morning After” who went on to release two albums. Both albums, “You Can’t Hurt Steel” and “Legacy” became very popular selling thousands of copies each. The band last posted on Facebook in 2014.

In 2010, Sam was invited to tour with the 80’s glam metal band “Blessed By A Broken Heart”. The band was formed as a concept band in 2003 by Tyler Hoare. They asked Sam to perform and write with the band where he contributed to their Billboard charting album “Feel The Power”.

In 2013 Blessed By A Broken Heart released an album called “Line In The Sand” which gained popularity resulting in placements on MTV, NHL2015, and in an MGM feature film “Max”.

Sam has now self-released his own debut solo EP in March 2020. His Facebook page is growing a large following of “super fans” who adore his voice. The mix between showmanship, his vocal talents, and the popular songs he is choosing to cover is definitely working very well on social media.

He opened his YouTube channel in June 2020, within a few months he has nearly hit 1 million views across all his videos! I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more from this insanely talented musician in the very near future!

Below is a video from Sam’s YouTube channel where he performs “Whirlwind”. This video perfectly shows the contrast between Sam’s powerful voice and his more delicate delivery.

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