Vocal Monte De Sión An A Capella Group From Cuba

This is Vocal Monte de Sión, an a capella band from Cuba with a mission to bring love and Jesus to the hearts of people around the world, but especially Cuba.

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The band consists of 5 professional musicians who don’t play any physical instruments. They all use their voices to create every sound in their videos. Whether it’s a trumpet, drum, backing vocal, all the sounds you hear in the video below will all have been made from one of the 5 musician’s vocals.

The band was formed in Cuba over 22 years ago. Most recently they have released an album that contains 10 songs with rhythms such as they are Cuban, merengue, and ranchera.

The band is a Christian missionary, they seek to spread the message of God through their music. A ministry that seeks to bring Jesus to every corner of the island, no matter how difficult it is in the midst of the communist regime.

If you wish to see more from this band of vocalists you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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