Somewhere In The Slums Of Kitintale Are Brilliant Dancing Children

Who are they?


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These incredible children were recorded dancing somewhere in the slums of Kitintale (a neighborhood in Kampala, Uganda). The Jerusalema Challenge continues to gain popularity and this is one of the best we’ve seen, watch these brilliant dancing children in the video below.

Happy children showing smiles, talent, and passion is something that always captures the hearts of people around the world. The video below was originally uploaded by Sania Nakayiza from Uganda who does a lot of brilliant work with these children. Their videos are gaining huge attention on social media because it’s impressive, enjoyable to watch, and extremely heartwarming.

What is the Jerusalema Challenge?

The kids are dancing to a song that has recently been gaining popularity globally and especially in South Africa – Master KG’s “Jerusalema”. The song started a wave of videos using the hashtag “#jerusalemchallenge” and “#jerusaleamchallenge” where people dance to the song and upload the video to social media.

Learn more about these awesome dancing children

These children have very little, in terms of material values, however, they’re rich with talent and musical passion. Their wonderful dancing has been filmed multiple times by Sania. After their Jerusalema dance video went viral, Sania went back and created this informational video about these children in the Kitintale. Watch the video below.

Master KG’s song has been a “challenge” on TikTok, a popular social network among generation z’s. TikTok posts regular challenges which users of the app can try to complete. This involved creating and uploading a video acting out whatever the challenge is. The Jerusalem challenge was a dancing one.

Hashtags such as #Jerusalemachallenege and #jerusalemchallenge have been circulating TikTok and other popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. The challenge has proven to be so popular it even made it to the slums of Kitintale where these kids performed the most popular #jerusalemchallenge of all time!

The Music Man searches for brilliant talent, unknown artists, and wonderful moments of artistic brilliance. These kids deserve so much recognition for their wonderful attitude to life, hopefully, we can help to spread their videos across the world.

You can watch more of their videos on Sania’s Facebook account.

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