Musician Plays The Pikasso Guitar A Bizarre Looking Instrument That Sounds Magical

Meet The Pikasso Guitar


Meet the Pikasso Guitar, a very odd-looking musical instrument that was named after the cubist works of the artist Pablo Picasso. Although this instrument looks like 4 different guitars merged into one, it is actually a modified Harp Guitar.

The body of the guitar is a wedge shape that has two separate sound holes, 42 strings, and four necks. The instrument was made for American jazz guitarist and composer Pat Metheny who you can see playing this majestic instrument in the video below. Pat has included the Pikasso Guitar in many of his musical works giving him a unique sound and making his live performances a treat for the ears and the eyes.

Why Was It Made?


Pat made a request to the guitar maker Linda Manzer in 1984 saying he required a guitar that had “as many strings as possible”. Linda came up with the Pikasso, a guitar with 42 strings and four-string sections.

A pick-up was added to the guitar increasing the musical possibilities the instrument could achieve. Pat was able to play synthesized sounds using the Pikasso guitar and trigger samples. The result is an astonishing instrument with an incredible range of notes allowing for the solo musician to create sound effects impossible to achieve with a regular 6 string guitar. In the video below the guitar maker, Linda Manzer, explains how this guitar concept came to life!

The Pikasso Guitar is a beautiful instrument that sounds amazing – if you’re like Pat and know how to play the thing. Another fantastic sounding and bizarre-looking instrument is the Harp Guitar. Take a look at this fantastic instrument being displayed by the very talented Muriel Anderson.

Muriel Anderson Plays The Harp Guitar

Muriel shows off her harp guitar made by master craftsman Mike Doolin of Portland, Oregon. If you’ve never seen a harp guitar before, this video is great because as well as listening to Muriel’s exquisite playing, she also describes how it is played and all the work that goes into building one.

The video concludes with Muriel playing her own arrangement of Don Mclean’s Vincent. It’s incredible to hear a tune you know so well sound so different. Throughout the whole number, Muriel’s skill, musicality and love for her instrument shines through. So take a quiet moment for yourself and enjoy the beauty of this tune.

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