Phil Collins Gives Crowd An Unforgettable Performance Of “In The Air Tonight”

During his Finally…The First Farewell Tour in 2004, Phil Collins showed the world why “In The Air Tonight” is one of his biggest hits. The accomplished English musician took to the stage with a confidence that only comes from decades of performing and releasing music, while also making all of the audience feel involved in this intimate performance. He did not just sing this song, however; during its pivotal moment, he sat behind the drums, playing and singing in tandem.

“In the Air Tonight” became a hugely successful hit for Phil Collins, reaching number 2 on the UK Singles Chart and number 1 in several European countries. It also became widely known in recent years as part of an iconic Cadbury advert. While Phil Collins has released other large-scale hits in his time, none seemed to impact the world quite like “In the Air Tonight”, which is best known for its dramatic drum break.

With this performance, Phil Collins proved that he is one of the hardest-working musicians in rock. His ability to control an audience with such a simple, yet gradually exciting, build-up before the song’s crescendo is a testament to the incredible music he has released over the years. With the support of a full band behind him, he created a show that was sure to be an unforgettable night for those who attended.

Phil Collins is one of the most iconic names in British rock music. After a stint as the band’s drummer, he became the lead singer of the rock band Genesis before also kickstarting an incredibly successful solo career that spanned decades. Besides “In the Air Tonight”, he is perhaps best known for “I Don’t Care Anymore”: a dramatic stomp about moving on from things that bother us. This song perfectly shows how an effective drum beat can carry a song, with the help of Phil Collins’ iconic voice.

In an interview, Phil Collins explained the inspiration for “In the Air Tonight”. He wrote it after divorcing his first wife, Andrea Bertorelli, and used it as a conduit for his grief and pain. Little did he know that this outburst of emotion would become a landmark song in his entire career, and become one of the most memorable rock songs of the 1980s.

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