12 Year Old Kanade Sato’s Insane Impromptu Drum Solo At Japanese Mall

Kanade Sato is one of the greatest young drummers in the world right now. At 12 years old, she wowed an unsuspecting crowd in a Japanese shopping mall in a viral video that still shocks its viewers 10 years on. Kanade stumbled through some basic beats, convincing her crowd she was a beginner, before surprising the mall with an A-class performance that gathered listeners in droves. Her drum kit was rigged with trigger pads, conjuring a synth backdrop on command for her rhythmic fusion to unfold.

Born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan in 2002, Kanade Sato (佐藤 奏) has already cemented her name in the drum scene. She was somewhat of a child prodigy, appearing at multiple national and international music events, musical instrument promotions, and TV shows. She picked up the drums at the age of three and decided to go pro at only five years old!

When she was nine, Kanade starred in a promo video for Roland V-Drums, a legendary series of electronic drum kits that matched Kanade’s own ground-breaking musical potential. At age 11, she won the Grand Prix Award in the global women-only drumming competition, Hit Like a Girl, for the under-18s division. And at 14 years old, she signed an endorsement contract with Pearl Drums — a career landmark most adult drummers can only dream of.

Kanade’s success as a young virtuoso was catalysed by her musical family. Her father was a drummer who made music his daughter’s world. Kanade even told Drum Magazine, “Drums have been around ever since I was born. I thought that all the other households had drums! I think now, it was a very fortunate thing to have been around drums early.”

Her father’s influence has ended up impacting the future of music, as Kanade’s fans and viewers anticipate her remarkable skills will continue to send shockwaves through the percussion world forever. At age 22, Kanade has already joined three bands — Ear Candy Jazz Factory, Muses, and Koiai — each set in distinct subgenres of pop. She’s also collaborated with the trailblazing Japanese female technical guitarist Rie, a.k.a. Suzaku, on her hit debut record “Top Runner” in 2019 — an electric fusion of hard rock and heavy metal, amongst multiple other releases.

Kanade’s viral drum video in the Japanese mall was most people’s first glimpse of Kanade’s rare skill, honed at a shockingly young age. With various festival appearances under her belt, a YouTube channel featuring drum covers and competition gigs, an endorsement with Alpha Drumworks, and a trio of Japanese shows later this year, Kanade Sato shows no signs of burning out like other child stars. If you’re a nerd for beats, this is an instrumentalist to keep your eye on!

If you’re interested in the drumming sensation Kanade Sato, you can explore and experience her talent on her YouTube Channel. Want to get to know her more? You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit her official Website for the latest news and updates.

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