Peter Kay’s Misheard Lyrics Are Relatable And Absolute Genius

This video is from Peter’s record-breaking “Tour That Didn’t Tour” in 2010 and 2011. The misheard lyrics routine was said by fans to be some of the funniest sketches they’d ever watched.

The idea behind the sketch is to highlight how easy it is to mishear lyrics in well-known songs and simply accept that those are the official lyrics. However, when you go to sing your favourite song at a Karaoke bar, you’ll come across the real lyrics and think “I can’t believe I’ve been singing it wrong all this time!”.

Some of our favourites from the routine are, Take That’s ‘wash your back’ in their song ‘Back for Good’, Sister Sledge wanting to ‘staple the vicar’ in ‘We Are Family’ and Michael Jackson telling his lover their ‘burgers are the best’ in ‘You Are Not Alone’.

About Peter Kay

Peter Kay (Peter John Kay) is a comedian, singer and actor from England. He has acted in several TV shows and film projects which he also wrote and produced. Peter was born in Bolton, UK, and studied media performance at the University of Salford in Manchester.

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