Terry Miles Boogie Woogie Pianist From The UK

Terry Miles Wont Stop The Boogie Woogie


During an impromptu boogie-woogie piano performance in Birmingham City center, a security guard tried to stop the music – but the ever-persistent and super talented Terry Miles was already in his groove.

Backed by the crowd who gathered to listen to his upbeat performance, the show went on to the very end! Throughout the performance, Terry was joined by fellow members of the public who added their but to this special musical scene.

Get Festive With Terry Miles’ Upbeat Version Of Jingle Bells and Silent Night


Two of the most well known YouTubers in the boogie-woogie genre have been filmed turning “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night” into boogie woogie songs like you’ve never heard them before!

Terry Miles and Brendan Kavanagh entertained Christmas shoppers in December 2021 capturing the essence of these beautiful Christmas songs and rebuilding them into boogie-woogie classics! You can watch their fantastically festive performances in the videos below, make sure you stay till the boogie woogie twist!

So that was the boogie woogie version of Jingle Bells. Silent Night is a little harder to turn into an upbeat boogie woogie tune as it’s originally a slower more melodic tune, but it was no problem for these incredible musicians! Pianists Turn “Jingle Bells” Into An Awesome Upbeat Boogie Woogie Classic

About Terry Miles


Terry Miles (Terence Andrew Miles) is a pianist and songwriter from England who specilises in boogie-woogie piano. He has played in multiple different bands throughout his musical career and has also been a session musician, a solo artist but now his YouTube channel is his main musical outlet.

Terry opened his YouTube channel in 2009 and has since gained over 176 million views across all of his videos. His main focus has been recording piano videos in public places such as train stations, airports etc. These public piano videos have been very successful for Terry as his music is upbeat and stimulating for crowds. This usually results in crowd engagement, making an amusing viral-style video.

Terry is a boogie-woogie playing maestro who can be seen in many videos playing around London. Sometimes dressing up as an old man, and creating the most upbeat live performance you’ll ever see, he is a viral video machine and a truly talented musician.

Early Life And Playing Style


Terry is from a musical family and was raised in Selly Park in Birmingham. His father, Kevin R Miles, is also a professional musician who used to play in his own band called “The milestone Express”. Music runs deep through Terry’s family. His Grandfather also had a musical career playing the piano in silent films in local cinemas.

Terry now lives in Hackney, London where he creates content for his YouTube channel and plays in a band called “Go-Kart Mozart”. He is the main musical songwriter for the group and band member Lawrence Hayward, mononymously known as “Lawrence”, writing the lyrics.

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