Ndlovu Youth Choir Will Inspire You With Beautiful Original “We Will Rise” On America’s Got Talent

The Ndlovu Youth Choir came all the way from the Limpopo province in South Africa to share their music with America’s Got Talent, so get ready to be inspired by their heartfelt performance. The kids can dance and sing like pros, and watching them perform their original song “We Will Rise” is a real ray of sunshine.

The choir opened the song with a spiritual group vocal before the two young ladies on lead vocals brought the soul big time with a gorgeous R&B verse. The male lead rapper then dropped in, lifting the energy before tribal drums and gang vocals brought the thunder for the big chorus. It’s so sweet watching these talented kids doing their thing on stage, and the stage production was totally on point as well.

Ndlovu Youth Choir, which has members aged 13 to 27, really won over the judges and audience with their performance on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. Judge Howie Mandel admitted that he didn’t really like choirs, saying “I’ve seen choirs and I feel like it’s a school assembly and it’s nice for that. This didn’t look like an assembly – it looked like a finished Broadway show.”

Heidi Klum was all there for the choir, saying “This is my first time with you guys and I loved it. I loved how vibrant you are, inside and out.” Simon Cowell was also impressed, saying “You did the right thing coming back with your own material. It was strong, I got it. Howie’s reference as a Broadway show is absolutely on the money, and what an unbelievable reaction from the audience behind me.” The choir can also perform amazingly on covers, as seen on their viral cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You”.

What is really impressive about the Ndlovu Youth Choir’s Sheeran cover is how they completely made it their own. They bring the groove and soul of African music to the song, and it’s just brilliant. You also have to give it up for Grammy-winning South African flautist Wouter Kellerman for bringing his flavour to the song.

Fans around the world came out strong in support of the choir, adding comments such as, “Please bring them back as a wildcard! They are so special. They are pure joy” and “In my opinion, no choir in AGT/BGT history has this type of sound, talent, and entertainment at this level! Especially when you consider the age range of the Ndlovu Youth Choir.”

Enjoy more amazing performances by the Ndlovu Youth Choir who impressed the judges at America’s Got Talent with their unique style of music. You can also follow them and see more of their incredible talent on Instagram. These gifted members aged 13 to 27 from the Limpopo province in South Africa are truly an inspiration.

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