Irish Traveller Sharyn Ward Mades Emerald Isle Proud With Traditional Irish Tune From The Heart

Irish Traveller Sharyn Ward made the Emerald Isle proud with a charming traditional song that she sang right from the heart. She began her audition on a different note, singing a calming version of Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me” set to a low-key piano motif. Ward has a lovely voice and her Irish Traveller accent came through thick and proud.

Judge Louis Walsh seized on this, and wanted to know why Ward didn’t sing an Irish song. Ward said she could have picked the traditional Irish tune “When You Were Sweet Sixteen”, which Irish traveller Finbar Furey recorded a hit version of. Then Ward’s audition really went somewhere special when she sang the song a capella, and hearing her sing the traditional tune with such passion won the whole room over instantly.

Ward’s audition became one of the most popular performances in the history of Ireland’s Got Talent, gaining 6.9 million views. The judges were really impressed with her version of “When You Were Sweet Sixteen”, with Jason Byrne stating, “With that other song, it sounded like you were trying to conceal who you actually are. You were coming through the cracks in ‘Stand by Me’ and your other bit was coming out, saying ‘I need to sing’”.

Walsh said Ward’s audition was truly beautiful, commenting, “You could hear a pin drop here. It was just you singing from your heart, and that was amazing.” Michelle Visage agreed, saying, “You are proud of who you are. It’s unapocalyptic, and I live that way as well, and I thought that was incredible.” Denise van Outen noted that Ward sang from the heart, and “that is what a good singer is all about.” Ward returned in the semi-finals to sing the traditional Irish tune “Black is the Colour”.

Fans at home really appreciated Ward bringing the sound of her country to the world, adding comments such as “Still goosebumps! She is a voice for Ireland” and “A true Irish singing voice which is very rare.”

All four judges gave Ward yes votes, and the ecstatic mum celebrated with her two young children onstage. The singer progressed steadily throughout the season of the show, eventually competing in the final round, where the top eight competitors duked it out, although she didn’t make it into the top three.

If you’re thrilled by the passion and talent of Irish Traveller, Sharyn Ward, you can follow her journey and stay updated with her performances. Join her Facebook community at Sharyn Ward or follow her on Instagram at sharyn_ward_. Enjoy her captivating voice and experience the beauty of Irish traditional tunes.

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