Murmuration A Captivating Hand Dance Group From France

Meet Murmuration. They are a captivating dance group from France. Recently the group has taken the America’s Got Talent stage by storm.

The group’s performance on Episode 4 of Season 18 of AGT left all the judges in awe, but particularly impressed judge Howie Mandel, leading him to hit the coveted Golden Buzzer. With their unique hand-based choreography and perfect synchronization, Murmuration has impressed both the judges and the audience. Watch their awesome performance below.

During their audition, Murmuration showcased their talent with a breathtaking routine. Led by Jibril Maillot, who stood in for the group’s creator and choreographer Sadeck Berrabah, the 64 blindfolded dancers moved in perfect harmony.

The judges were amazed by their elegance, grace, and precise synchronization. Heidi Klum compared their performance to that of a previous winner and Sofia Vergara praised their unique style.

However, the golden moment came from Howie Mandel who was truly captivated. He called their act one of the most original he had ever seen – what a compliment. Overwhelmed by their talent, he pressed the Golden Buzzer, sending Murmuration straight to the Live Rounds.

Receiving the Golden Buzzer came as a surprise to both Murmuration and their creator, Sadeck Berrabah. They were thrilled that their concept of conveying emotions through a murmuration of dancers had resonated with the judges. (Sadeck Berrabah also choreographed a performance that went viral showcasing “hand ballet” for the Paralympics in France 2024 – watch that video below and read more here).

Jibril Maillot, in particular, felt the weight of responsibility to honor Berrabah’s project, which added to the intensity of their performance. They expressed excitement about introducing their unique concept to the United States and competing against the world’s greatest talent.

Murmuration emphasized that their vision was not inspired by any other act and had been uniquely developed since 2015. The attention to detail is staggering. Their dedication to precision and discipline is aimed at bringing people together and touching the hearts of Americans.

Murmuration’s Golden Buzzer moment marked a significant milestone in their journey on America’s Got Talent. Howie Mandel’s admiration for their hypnotic performance validated their hard work and dedication.

With the opportunity to showcase their concept on one of America’s most renowned stages, the group aims to further develop the Murmuration concept and witness its growth. They hope to inspire and connect with a larger audience. As they progress through the competition, Murmuration is determined to make their creator, Sadeck Berrabah, and their loved ones proud while leaving a lasting impression on the hearts of viewers across America.

Their success and recognition have opened doors for Murmuration to showcase their innovative concept on a larger platform. As they continue their journey, Murmuration strives to touch the hearts of Americans and make their mark on the world of dance and entertainment – they’re off to a flying start.

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