Ed Sheeran And John Mayer Share The Stage For “Thinking Out Loud” In Massachusetts

Ed Sheeran and John Mayer on the same stage together sends some fans into dream land. Despite John Mayer being amidst his busy farewell tour with Dead & Company, he managed to pop up in a recent Ed Sheeran concert.

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His special appearance to support Ed Sheeran during a show in Foxborough, Massachusetts saw the dup perform “Thinking Out Loud”. Mayer stepped in with his prototype PRS Silver Sky as a last-minute replacement for Khalid, who had to withdraw due to a car accident. In a video uploaded to YouTube by user “Kietchhh” you can see the duo performing.

Not only did Mayer warm up the audience as Ed Sheeran’s support act with his own eight-song set, but he also returned to the stage later in the evening for a memorable collaboration with Sheeran on his hit song, “Thinking Out Loud.”

The duo’s chemistry and Mayer’s exceptional guitar skills added a new dimension to the hit song. This isn’t the first time the two musicians have joined forces, as they have previously performed together at various events

They played together in 2015 – At the Grammy Awards ceremony for a captivating rendition. In 2019, Mayer made a guest appearance at Sheeran’s Tokyo concert, where they performed “Thinking Out Loud” together, along with Mayer’s own song, “Belief” and additionally, the musicians teamed up on The Late Late Show when Mayer guest-hosted, delivering an unforgettable performance of Sheeran’s “Don’t.” You can watch that below.

The musical alliance between John Mayer and Ed Sheeran continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Despite their individual demanding schedules, Mayer and Sheeran have consistently found opportunities to collaborate and create magical moments on stage – they must enjoy performing together. Maybe one day we can expect a song between the two superstars.

Their performances of “Thinking Out Loud” have become fan favorites, showcasing Mayer’s exceptional guitar skills and Sheeran’s soulful vocals. Fans eagerly anticipate future collaborations between these music heavyweights, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity for their musical worlds to collide.

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