Miley Cyrus Pays Tribute To George Clooney With Badass Performance Of This Country Music Track

Although Miley Cyrus is predominantly a pop artist – known for chart hits such as ‘Flowers’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ – her music is also notable for its country music influences, no doubt partially because her father is country music star Billy Ray Cyrus. This was perhaps one of the reasons why Cyrus gave such an accomplished performance of the country/bluegrass track ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’ at the American Institute back in 2018, the video of which has since reached over 8 million views online.

Cyrus’ performance came as part of a show that paid tribute to actor George Clooney after he was named the recipient of the AFI lifetime achievement award. The song she was singing, meanwhile, was sung by Clooney’s character in the 2000 film ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’, in a scene that has since become legendary in modern film history. Cyrus certainly did the scene justice, with her rich, country-tinged voice lending the song a feeling of power and energy that had not been heard before.

Those who were present on that night in 2018 clearly loved it too, with the live audience cheering and whooping when Cyrus had finished, and Clooney clapping enthusiastically with a broad smile on his face as the singer waved to him. Unsurprisingly, the performance has also prompted nearly 4000 comments online, with many viewers praising Cyrus’s versatility as a singer. “She can really do it all,” says one impressed viewer, “Such a powerful and interesting voice, and such creativity!”.

For another example of Cyrus giving some live power to a legendary country music song, meanwhile, you need only watch her set from the Glastonbury festival in 2019, during which she delivers a rocking performance of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’. Dressed in leather trousers, a white crop top, high heeled boots and stacks of gold jewellery, Cyrus is a picture of feminine power as she struts around the stage, putting her own pop-infused stamp on a song that is now recognised as a paragon of country music.

When watching both of these performances, it soon becomes apparent that Cyrus is famous the world over for a reason. Brimming with vocal talent and onstage charisma, she can clearly turn her hand to any kind of performance that’s required of her, whether that’s an awe-inspiring tribute to “America’s leading man” George Clooney, or an effortlessly cool Glastonbury set that positively exudes energy and power.

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